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Dental Implants

For That Permanent Smile

Restore Your Confidence

Dental Implants have proven to be the answer to many patients' dental problems both functional and aesthetic. By replacing just one tooth to a full arch reconstruction, they enable the restoration of a natural smile, improving patient comfort and confidence.

The Next Best thing

Dental Implants

When our teeth are healthy and attractive, we feel more confident about speaking, eating and smiling. We are never more aware of this than when we lose or damage a tooth.

Unfortunately, time takes its toll on our teeth, and accidents and dental problems can lead to their loss. Missing teeth can cause problems in terms of both appearance and function. They can affect our bite, facial definition, bone loss, speech and ability to eat or drink with confidence. Unsightly gaps and damaged teeth can also have a devastating impact on our self-esteem.

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Experienced and friendly implant dentists

Our dentists have been performing dental implants over 30 years across Berkshire. We have a highly skilled professional team who will talk you through your entire procedure, explain the risks and give you full peace of mind when deciding to get dental implants.

We routinely provide solutions for single missing teeth to rebuilding entire upper and lower jaws.


How are Dental Implants fitted?

The procedure of having dental implants is performed over a period of several months. Initially the implant is placed into the jaw bone and left to heal over a period of 3-6 months. During this time the implant integrates with the surrounding bone tissue providing a solid support for the replacement tooth.

Once the jaw has healed, an impression is then taken of the mouth and sent to a dental technician, providing the exact size and shape for the replacement tooth. The technician will then build a bespoke replacement tooth (crown or bridge) which will blend in naturally with the other teeth.

Once the replacement tooth is ready, it will be tried in place and small adjustments made to ensure you can bite comfortably. Once you and your dentist are happy, the replacement tooth is then secured in place.

Do dental implants last for life?

Once a dental implant has integrated into the jaw bone, studies have shown a survival rate in excess of 90% after 15 years. However, studies have also shown that this is reliant on a high standard of daily cleaning, regular observation and maintenance with a dental professional.

Can Implants always be used to replace missing teeth?

Patients must have healthy gums and enough jaw bone to support the implants.

Is the process painful?

Whilst placing the implant into the jaw, a local anaesthetic can be used and sometimes sedation if you are very nervous. You will not feel pain at the time, but may feel some discomfort for the following week. This is usually due to having stitches and the normal healing process.

Do I have to have an implant for each missing tooth?

A single implant can be used if you are having a single tooth replaced. However, each implant can usually support two teeth, so five or six implants are usually used to replace all of the teeth in one jaw bone. Your dentist will be able to look at your individual requirements and advise you further.

What happens if the implant does not bond with the bone?

This happens very rarely. If the implant becomes loose during, or just after, the healing period, then it can be easily removed and heals in the normal way. Once the jaw bone has completely healed, another implant can be placed there.

How do I care for my implant?

Good oral hygiene is vital after implants have been fitted. As well as avoiding decay and gum disease, this will prolong the success and life of the implant. Your dentist or dental hygienist will be able to advise a suitable home care regime to ensure that good oral hygiene is maintained.

24 Hour Emergency Hotline

Whether you’re a registered patient of Abbey Dental Surgery, or a new patient, our emergency hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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